Sport Horse

If you are interested in competing on the Arabian circuit, Jack MacDonald Stables is the place for you and your horse!

Regardless of the style of riding you are interested in learning or the skill level at which you ride, Jackie can help you show at you and your horse’s highest potential.  Jackie specializes in teaching and training hunt seat, saddle seat, dressage, and side saddle.  She works with you and your horse to create and foster a strong, competitive team.  She can even campaign your horse for you!

Jack MacDonald Stable competes all over the mid-East Coast; from New York to Kentucky.  Owners choose the number of shows that they want to compete in and where they want to travel.  Jackie will help you formulate a show schedule that is right for both you and you horse.  Jackie competes in Region 13, 14, and 15 and takes her horses all the way to Nationals. 
 Jackie works with you and your horse to give you the best showing experience possible.  At Jack MacDonald Stables, the emphasis is on safety, learning, and having fun.  Neither horse nor rider are rushed on their road to winning.  Riders learn how to and perfect the art of working with the horse in achieving the desired gaits and transitions.  With Jackie, horses and riders can reach their full competitive potential.  She works to help make you and your horse comfortable and confident in the show ring. 

Whether you want to train your horse using dressage techniques, compete in dressage or just learn a new style of riding, Jackie can help you at all levels!

 The fundamental purpose of dressage is to develop, through standardized progressive training methods, the horse's natural athletic ability and willingness to perform, thereby maximizing its potential as a riding horse (USDF). 

At Jack MacDonald Stables, we believe that dressage is the basis of all training; all types of horses and styles of riding can benefit from dressage training.  By using dressage techniques, Jackie works to help both horse and rider move successfully forward towards becoming a complementary team. 


 Dressage is a discipline that can be beneficial for horses and riders of all ages and levels of training.   Jackie can help you and your horse work to master the fundamentals of dressage.  Once you are comfortable with the basics, Jackie helps riders guide their horses through more intricate movements and works to foster a smooth relationship between horse and rider.  

Sport Horse
 Sport Horse classes emphasizes correct conformation and movement in sporting events; Dressage, Jumping, Eventing, Endurance, and Racing.  In these classes, horses are carefully evaluated and scored on their conformation and movement.  Horses are judged on the functionality of their form, their responsiveness to the rider, and the ease of their gates and transitions.  Jackie believes that all horses are, in some way, sport horses and works to bring a horse to their full potential.
 Sport Horse classes are held both in-hand and under saddle.  In-hand classes evaluate the horse’s conformation, movement, manners, and form to function.  Riders and owners of all ages and levels can compete in in-hand classes.  If you are just considering competing for the first time or you are a seasoned competitor, sport horse in-hand classes offer a fun and easy way to start or continue your showing career and to bond with your horse.
 Under saddle Sport Horse classes are run just like a regular main ring class.  The judging measure is on performance, manners, conformation, quality and suitability as a working Sport Horse.  Under saddle classes offers an evaluation method for their horses and allows dressage horses to compete in a manner like that of main ring Arabian competition while being judged through dressage standards. 

Whether you are interested competing in dressage or sport horse or if you just want to learn and develop a new style of riding, Jackie can help you achieve your goals.

Jack MacDonald Stables w 175 Cupps Road, Renfrew, PA 16053 w 724-482-4293

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